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Gain Recognition For

What You Do Best.

Forgo the tedious BD and deal-sourcing processes and focus on what you do best with Tribe Careers – Singapore’s new-age hiring solution that connects Recruitment Agencies and Employers for a seamless and cost-effective recruitment experience.

Get Started with Tribe Careers

Grow your recruitment portfolio with half the effort and a steady inflow of deals right at your fingertips.
Focus on the value-generating end of the recruitment cycle by matching your best candidates to the roles available.

Gain Access to Job Openings from Global MNCs with Half the Effort

Don’t let BD, contracts or procurement processes get in your way. Gain access to Fortune 500 companies and more with half the effort.

One-stop Candidate Management Portal for More Placement, Faster

Focus on what you love most – connecting top candidates to their dream jobs with all your candidates managed in one place.

A Dedicated Focus on Client Fulfilment

Work with a steady funnel of inbound JDs and only focus on the client-fulfilment aspects of the deal cycle.

Gain Transparency and Visibility from Employers

Receive real-time updates from employers on the candidates submitted and say goodbye to the “candidate black hole”.

How Does It Work?

Step 1: Upload Your Candidate Pool

Kickstart the process by uploading suitable candidate profiles into the portal for a seamless submission of candidates to job posts thereafter.

Step 2: Explore Available Job Openings

Be an exclusive insider to open job positions from our global corporates including Fortune 500 companies and more.

Step 3: Select Your Best Candidates for the Job

Decide on which JDs to work on and curate your submission of top-quality candidates for each position.

Step 4: Get Paid for Every Successful Placement

Grow your business and get paid for every successful job placement made. It’s that simple!

Industries That Are Hiring from Tribe Careers


Consulting & Professional Services

Financial Institutionals / FinTech

Food Delivery

Information Technology


And many more…

Gain access to job openings from global corporates.
Half the effort, twice the efficiency.