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Frequently Asked Questions

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For Employers

Get started by creating an account with us – click “Get Started for Free” above. After verifying your account and updating your profile and company details, proceed to post a job in less than 5 minutes! Thereafter, sit back and relax while our talented recruitment agencies source the best candidates based on your hiring needs.

Absolutely! Tribe Careers was engineered to create a seamless recruitment process for the entire team. Once in the portal, invite team members under the “My Team” tab. All members in your team will be able to view and edit all job posts created by the team.

The short answer – no. We wanted to create a risk-free environment for you to connect with recruiters who have quality candidates to offer, and only pay a placement fee  (% of the candidate’s annual salary) when we deliver a successful hire. Give us a try – pay only when we deliver results!

We give employers full control in deciding the placement fee % that they would like to commission recruitment agencies for their jobs. The typical market rates in the industry range between 20% – 30% of the candidate’s annual salary. That said, a higher placement fee will serve as a greater incentive for the agencies to work on your roles – this helps especially if you are in search of an urgent hire!

A conversation is automatically created between you and a recruiter once they submit a candidate to your job post. All status updates, enquiries and communication will also be done here. Fret not about when to log into the portal as all updates will also be accompanied by email notifications for convenience.

Our aim is to incorporate as many high-quality recruitment agencies as possible. Yet, as we are still in our beta testing phase, we are currently working with a smaller curated pool of agencies on an invitation-only basis to maintain the quality of our offering. Let us know if you have any outstanding agencies to recommend and we will reach out to them!

We got you covered! While editing your job posting, you can select the agencies that you would like to hide your job post from. We allowed this on a job post basis to provide you with more flexibility. Once hidden, your jobs will not appear on these agencies’ job board.

For Recruiters

Indicate your interest by signing up for an account with us. As we are currently approving agencies to our platform on an invitation-only basis, our team will reach out to you within 2 – 3 working days. 

Once you’re on the platform, simply update your profile details begin exploring the list of job openings available. Upload and submit your best candidates for the roles that you decide to work on, and receive prompt updates from Employers as soon as an action is taken.

We intend to create a fuss-free and seamless candidate submission process. As such, we wanted to get the paperwork done (only once) at the start, saving you the time and effort of having to upload the details of the same candidate multiple times, allowing you to focus on submissions with a few easy clicks!

A conversation is automatically created between you and all employers as soon as you submit a quality candidate for the role. All status updates, enquiries and communication will be done here but there will also be email notifications for your convenience.

Absolutely! Tribe Careers was engineered to enhance the recruitment process for the entire team. Head over to “My Agency” and select “Invite Team Member” for them to be invited. Do note that all recruiters within the same agency will share the visibility of their candidate pools.

No. Our aim is to provide a cost-effective and risk-free platform for recruiters to gain access to a wide array of job posts from companies of all sizes. That said, there will be a small commission share for every successful placement made to serve as a referral and account management fee.

We generally accept all job posts within the Tech industry. This covers a wide range of functions and seniority of roles from Community roles to Engineering roles; and mid to C-suite levels. We leave the job postings up to the Employers which also makes things a lot more exciting!